March 30 - April 01, 2016
Thompson Toronto, Toronto, ON

Tamara Dube-Clarke

Safewards Project Lead
North Bay Regional Health Centre
Tamara Dube Clarke, Patient and Family Partnered Care Coordinator and the North Bay Regional Health Centre first started her career as a Registered Practical Nurse in a small rural hospital in 1990.  During this time she was caring for family and friends as her  patients, this experience reminds her to have empathy and compassion in all that she does, that every patient is somebody’s somebody, and every person she comes in contact with has a story she wants to hear.   For the past five years, Tamara’s passion for the patient and family experience has led her on a journey to ensure that the voice of the patient and their families are heard.  Tamara received her training in photovoice facilitation from the best, PhotoVoice.ORG, London England in 2010. She took this training back to the North Bay Regional Health Center  and did something quite unique, giving cameras to inpatients she began to witness the challenges our patients face from day to day. Tamara Believes the job of the health care provider is to make the invisible visable and photoVOICE does just that. Through photography individuals that often do not have a voice can tell a story that impacts viewers empathetically and help move them to bring about change. Tamara’s energetic genuine nature ensures that attendees not only gain skills in photoVOICE group Facilitation but also have a deeper understand of WHY we must make the invisible…..visable.

14:00 Capturing the Patient Voice One Story at a Time

Learning Objectives:
  • Why we need to capture the patient and family voice
  • Review photo voice and digital story telling as methods to gain story
  • What the patient and family story can teach us
  • Tools to capture the voice of our patient and families

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