March 30 - April 01, 2016
Thompson Toronto, Toronto, ON

Lauren Lee

Patient Advisor
London Health Sciences Centre
Lauren Lee obtained her Masters degree in Journalism from University of Western Ontario and has been recognized nationally and internationally with awards relating to her career as a magazine feature writer.  She worked for 10 years with The Canadian Sportsman, Canada's oldest magazine, until its closing in 2014.  She is also an experienced copy writer, reporter and editor who continues to enjoy her work on projects in the fields of sport and law.

Lauren is currently working with the Patient Experience Office and has combined her professional experience with her personal experience as a cancer survivor, to help expand and support a patient story telling program at LHSC.  Lauren has written about her experience previously for Chatelaine and spoken to a variety of audiences through the hospital’s patient experience curriculum as a volunteer with LHSC. She has gained a deep appreciation for good health and relishes the opportunity to advocate for patient and family-centered care within a hospital setting.

15:10 Fostering a culture of patient and family-centred compassionate care: The development of a hospital wide curriculum of patient experience

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how our hospital facilitates components to establish an effective cadre of patient storytellers for quality, patient safety and patient experience in-hospital curriculum
  • Identify the elements of a two-part storytelling workshop for patient and family advisers who are interested in sharing their stories
  • Self-reflect on impact of patient video that is shared
  • Understand the findings of the impact of patient storytelling curriculum on the audience and patient storytellers
  • Discuss challenges and learning of presenting patients stories in hospital wide curriculum
  • Share overall impression of the success and impact on cultural transformation and more authentic patient and family-centered care

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